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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  February 14, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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of us here, thanks for watching. welcome to "world news." tonight -- out of control. 100 cars smashed, stall and pile up on a highway of ice. our correspondent with the drivers saved by air bags. >> i'm feeling very lucky. >> and tonight, in parts of the country, snow, too much for the roof, as the news arrives of a new blizzard watch called for the weekend. need for speed. some of america's fastest skaters stripping off those suits, now, will they win the medals? in an instant, a dad, a gun and now he speaks out as he faces possible prison. >> i'm still in shock. >> a warning for every family tonight. and big love. one husband. four wives. has this family won a victory that has now changed the rules for everyone?
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and a good evening to you on this friday night, as so many americans dig out and try to dry off from that massive nor'easter, as now we're learning it's not over. another snowstorm on the move. and this comes right after that pennsylvania highway turned into an epic pileup, look and imagine this -- the cars and trucks slammed together and stretching mile after mile after mile. our extreme weather team is back out on the ice and snow tonight and abc's linzie janis starts us off right at the scene in pennsylvania. >> reporter: a treacherous commute for millions in the northeast. the roads outside philadelphia so slick, causing this five-mile-long chain-reaction pileup. more than 100 cars. dozens injured. >> around that corner right there, and the sun was blinding and i missed the car in front of me by that much. >> reporter: the morning sun was shining, the roads mostly clear.
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but there was one problem. temperatures plummeted overnight and turned this pennsylvania turnpike into a sheet of ice. >> i could see that there was going to be an impact. and then, i guess the air bags deployed. and then, it was sort of dark for a second. >> reporter: drivers scrambled to safety. the last blast of this nor'easter struck violently overnight, with lightning and thundersnow. all up the east coast, collapsing roofs. this garage in new york city, crushed. officials say a foot of heavy, wet snow on a home weighs as much as 28,000 pounds. snow and ice, too much for the roof of this new jersey apartment building. >> there were a couple of little noises, and then all of a sudden, there was just a boom. >> reporter: ten families now homeless. in the south, the cleanup continues. in the air, a record amount of misery. more than 15,000 flights canceled just this week.
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since january 1st, more than 76,000 grounded. and then, there are all of the snow days. schools in at least 12 states and the district of columbia have run out of them. not new york city. the mayor taking major heat for not closing schools thursday and appearing to blame it on the forecasters. >> given the information we had, it was right to go ahead with school. >> reporter: the philadelphia school district just announcing school will be open for three days at the april spring break. that stretch of turnpike now reopened after nearly eight hours. and diane, the last thing anyone wants to see here, more snow, 1 to 3 inches expected tonight. >> oh, linzie, everyone asking, when will this end? thank you. and abc meteorologist ginger zee is standing by with more and what's happening on the great lakes. >> reporter: the great lakes is a great reminder of the brutal
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winter it has been, a visual one at that, a virtual view of what the great lakes look right now, ice covered by 88.4%. that's the number that we have not seen for some 20 years, 1994, you see right there, was 90.7. the all-time record happened in 1979, they were 95%. so, we're nearing that record. and, yes, we do have a brief warmup next week. before that happens, that snow, that linzie was talking about, is coming through, it hit indianapolis, cincinnati and then, you see new york in there, a little bit of snow, but the real majority of it is going to happen in eastern massachusetts, up towards parts of new england, we're talking up to a foot in places and really the wind is going to be the big issue, that's why a blizzard watch has been issued for parts of the cape. i want to remind you, next week, at least we get a couple of days of relief. >> holding you to that, ginger. thank you so much. with so many people asking, is climate change playing a role in this extreme weather?
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tonight, president obama is announcing he wants congress to give $1 billion for new research on climate change and new technologies. he's also expected to pledge millions to help farmers battling that extreme drought out in california. and next here tonight, a last-minute scramble under way, right now, at the olympics. america speedskaters are shedding their suits, some of them blaming a new outfit for costing them the winning edge, and abc's matt gutman is on the ground in sochi for us again tonight. >> reporter: it is the fastest sport on two feet -- sprints raced on scalpels edges, determined by razor-thin margins. in the men's 1,000-meter race, the difference between gold and silver, just .04 of a second. american shani davis, the world's record holder, was expected to win. instead, he came in eighth. in fact, after six races, not a single american speedskater has medaled. tonight, many american skaters are blaming not the power in
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their legs, but those new suits on their skin, engineered by under armour and lockheed martin, tested in wind tunnels for hundreds of hours, promoted as revolutionary. >> we have just built the fastest suit ever. >> reporter: new to these suits, the vent in the back, with these holes to keep athletes cool. but watch davis here. as he skates, air is flowing over his body, the suit's job is to minimize how much that air slows him down. the concern now is that air is seeping into those vents, possibly causing a tiny balloon in the suit and creating an extra drag on the skater. at least one american speedskater even resorted to covering that back vent with rubber. american skater brian hansen saying, "literally everyone is under performing, you can only look at so many factors, the suit is the easiest to fix." but one dutch gold medal skater offered another theory, it could also be that they're just being outclassed. tonight, word from the international olympic committee, americans skaters can now switch
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to these suits, worn at the world cup in december, also designed by under armour, but without those back vents. team usa hoping it will pave a path to gold. tonight, under armour stands by those controversial suits, calling them the most "scientifically advanced and rigorously tested ever." we're told those american speedskaters have all brought those old trusty suits with them and they'll be wearing them tomorrow. and the good news for the skaters, they're only halfway through, they have six events left. >> that's some pretty clever packing to bring the old suits. now, tonight, we have the answer to a question everyone has been asking about a big story we reported. jonathan martin, pro football player, 6'5" and 300 pounds, said his teammates bullied him and a new report, tonight, reveals how you bully someone that big and how deeply it can cut. abc's ryan smith has the new details. >> reporter: today we learned what it takes to push 6'5",
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312-pound offensive lineman out of the sport he loves. the nfl's independent investigator releasing a report ticking through how jonathan martin and others were victims of frequent harassment at the hands of richie incognito and other players. evidence of vulgar sexual comments about martin's mother and sister sometimes coming multiple times a day. incognito's voice mails and text messages calling martin the "n" word and "shine box," and in-person jokes about slavery. and homophobic and other degrading slurs hurled by other linemen, with such frequency that it became, according to martin, "a routine part of his life with the dolphins." during it all, martin e-mailing his mother, "i'm a pushover." and investigators say there was a notebook, kept by incognito, in which he speaks of "breaking jmart." it's a notebook, the report says, he later asked teammates to destroy. today's findings, a blow to richie incognito.
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his lawyer stating, "the nfl report is replete with errors. jonathan martin was never bullied by richie incognito or any members of the dolphins offensive line." but the report, firm in its assessment of bullying, goes on to say, "even the largest, strongest and fleetest person may be driven to despair by bullying, taunting and constant insults." ryan smith, abc news, new york. and next right here tonight, for the first time, you're going to hear from a man who just appeared in a san diego courtroom, on a question reaching into every american neighborhood, he is a dad who was there because he stored a gun in his home, where children could get to it. for the past year, we have been investigating a tough fact -- on average, every third day in america, a child dies in an accidental shooting. so, the question tonight, if that happens, should the gun owners be sent to prison? this week, todd francis, a father who once had a career as a computer specialist, stood in court pleading guilty. >> guilty. >> reporter: two counts of endangering a child.
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>> you permitted the children to be in danger. >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: and francis, who says he decided to keep a gun at home in case of criminals, now faces prison himself. >> i'm still in shock. i just came home and i had groceries in my hands. >> reporter: a father in an ordinary neighborhood, who came home and saw police in front of his garage. >> it was like every police squad car was in my neighborhood. >> reporter: the garage with the sofa where children came to play, and the box where he says he kept an unloaded gun, but prosecutors say that gun was loaded. his 9-year-old daughter and her 10-year-old friend eric got a hold of it, and it went off. >> 10-year-old eric klyez was shot to death. >> i mean, eric was only 10. >> reporter: francis says he didn't really know that much about guns, and that, in fact, he got it because of what he had seen on tv. >> san diego has had some home invasions.
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you hear about it. on tv, and, um, it -- it just terrified me to think that, you know, somebody could break into my house. >> reporter: his house is in california, which is one of 14 states where the owner is criminally responsible for the gun is stored unsafely. to people who say "if parents are not held accountable, this will keep happening." >> i feel horrible about what happened. i do feel accountable. >> reporter: and abc news found last year alone, 28 cases of adults facing criminal charges because a child used their gun accidentally to kill themselves or another child. adults facing penalties that range from a fine to decades in prison. though, todd francis says no prison could be worse than the one where he already lives. after the accident, his wife, who says she didn't know he was
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keeping a gun in the garage, left him, taking the children with her. he says he hasn't seen his son or his daughter since. but aches to think that he shattered his daughter's life, too. what do you most want to hear your daughter say? >> you know, it's okay, daddy. >> reporter: the human message for everybody watching from you is -- >> keep your guns locked, and don't assume that you're in control of your household. >> and todd francis could face up to four years in state prison. the sentencing is in april. and we move now to the business news tonight, the market on a rocket ride today, great for stocks and retirement accounts as we close out this week. it's the best week all year for stocks. the dow, the s&p and nasdaq all posting their biggest gains all
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year. the dow more than 126 points. nasdaq hitting a high not seen in more than 13 years. and up next tonight -- full house. one husband, four wives, winning a legal victory, will they change the rules for everyone in this country? we're back in just two minutes. [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight,
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5:46 pm
>> i need flowers for my wives. >> reporter: today, they are unlikely legal crusaders in a fight over the fate of polygamy. >> i think that anybody should be able to organize their family according to how they choose. >> reporter: it is an epic court battle -- kody brown and his wives against the state of utah, they maintain theirs is a healthy lifestyle. but that is not how authorities in utah see it, threatening the browns with prosecution after they flaunted their plural family on tv. >> i just want to be a free man. >> reporter: a free man -- but what about the women and children? one study concluded polygamy leads to poverty and higher race of child neglect and abuse." the browns say those famous images of convicted pedophile warren jeffs and the flds --that's not their family or any other polygamists they
5:47 pm
know. and in december, a federal judge sided with them, declaring a key part of utah's polygamy law unconstitutional. co-habitation is legal, so kody brown can openly live with all of his wives. just as long as there is only one marriage license. >> thousands of people living in plural marriage in utah are now free. >> reporter: but opponents say there could be unintended consequences. could this ruling that helps your family also be helping believers and followers of warren jeffs? >> i guess what we're hoping -- that this would help -- help create the checks and balances that need to exist in societies that are closed now. >> they got to be kidding. >> reporter: this lawyer says the ruling actually makes it tougher for authorities to investigate potential abuse. >> it's very sad that we have a hollywood polygamist family that has made it harder to protect the women and children in most polygamist families.
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>> reporter: as utah attorney general plans to appeal, the browns plan to stay in nevada. does this feel like home now? these reality stars say they're prepared to go all the way to the supreme court. cecilia vega, abc news, las vegas. and when we come back -- a sneak attack by singing cupids, cheering up strangers. ♪ >> our valentine's day surprise in our friday "instant index." latte or au lait? cozy or cool "meow" or "woof"? exactly the way you want it ... until boom! your mattress a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. an innovative design that lets couples sleep together in individualized comfort. he's the softy: his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. as your needs change, you can adjust your sleep number bed, so you can sleep better together.
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tylenol® provides strong pain relief while being gentle on your stomach. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. the friday "instant index" starts with some self-appointed cupids who surprised random women for valentine's day. here's abc's nick watt. ♪ >> reporter: we just kicked off the index with a sneak attack romantic valentine's day number from vocal point. in byu, in utah. it's been a tough weather week, this little fella has had enough. >> make it warm! >> reporter: meanwhile, mitch isaacs from muncie, indiana, does what's just been dubbed the shovel shuffle. filmed secretly by his wife. listen to her giggle. this dog is doing what dogs do best.
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over in italy, they're b.a.s.e. jumping in haute couture -- that dress, worth $20,000 alone, only in italy. and watch this, a gopro that fell of a sky diver's helmet and landed in a pig pen. and back to vocal point, i can't decide -- is that a good surprise? or a bad surprise? ♪ when you smile >> reporter: that was the "instant index". happy valentine's day. i'm nick watt. next here, the photographer who says every couple has a secret and the secrets he captures will make you smile. our "person of the week" coming up. i'm pretty sure the back door is locked. anyway, what could happen in a couple of hours, right? [ male announcer ] when you're worried about things at home, it's impossible to think about anything else. adt gives you fast-response monitoring for burglary, fire and carbon monoxide.
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[ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® and finally tonight, we want to thank you so much for the pictures and videos you sent us on life this valentine's day. now, meet a photographer, who travels the streets, certain everyone has a love story. abc's john donvan has the story. reporter: a new york institution is brandon stanton, known for walking up to total strangers and getting their picture. >> all right, this is going to
5:56 pm
be a great picture. >> reporter: their picture and their story, website, humans of new york. which also features a lot of these, couples shots. couples in love, unlocking that love with just a small caption. "he doesn't always waltz, but when he does, it's always in public." they met on the school bus when they were 10 years old. what did she say? "hello." what did he say? "go away." and this woman, 100 years old, who had this to say about her late husband in his final moments, "i said, 'moe, what will i do without you?'" he said, "take the love you have for me and spread it around." so this week we watched him work, listening to the stories unfold. like this -- >> her beauty just wipes me away. >> you have been dating for a month what's the secret to a long-term relationship. >> i don't know. >> i wish i knew. >> what is the best thing about
5:57 pm
her? >> her smile. >> what is your favorite thing about cold? >> holding hands. >> holding hands. >> reporter: a lot of different faces and different faces of love, brandon finds. you can really see these different kinds of loves in the photos? >> sometimes i'll photograph a couple that looks very grumpy. but then i'll start to interview them and you find out there's something really deep there. or maybe it's a grumpy kind of love, which is also a great kind of love. >> reporter: and what his picturetaking and story has told him, love changes. because while he's seen this -- he's also seen this. >> an older couples, they're very aware of each other's flaws they learned to live with them. >> reporter: then love does evolve. and sometimes gets deeper. and his its time for everybody. >> you're going to get a story two people, whether it's trying to get through something, two people enjoying life together. there's kind of a struggle
5:58 pm
there, you know, to make a relationship work. >> so we choose brandon stanton and wish all of you a happy valentine's day. . before we go tonight, we want you to remind you to watch a special report on "nightline" about being gay in russia called "moscow is burning." thank you for watching. we're always here at david muir will be right in this seat this weekend. i'll see you back here on monday. have a great weekend. tonight impact on of the th drought on bay area farmers. >> is mandatory water rationing in california's future? in one california town they're about to give that a try. >> police catch up with a fake
5:59 pm
navy s.e.a.l. a man being called out by abc7 news i team >> assault with a bedly weapon. get ready for a valentine's day tradition the great san francisco pillow fight. >> sky 7 hd is live over this troubled spot. the free fell making it a sle ride home. good evening, everyone. >> bart train service through contra costa county is recovering from a big delay tonight. >> this is because of a tree that fell on to the tracks in the past hour or so. a spokesperson tells us the tree fell at 5:00. a train hit the tree and no one on board was hurt >> bart was single tracking
6:00 pm
trains as they worked to clear trackways all tracks open again now. bart says sked yulz are returning to normal. >> president obama today announced $160 million to help california farmers struggling with the worst drought in state history the president met with farmers to see the impact of the drought firsthand. and he spoke at a farm that will go unplanted this year. >> california is area biggest economy, our biggest agricultural producer, what happens here matters to every working american. down to the cost of food the governor declared a state of emergency directing state officials to prepare for officials and our


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